A list of changes and updates to the website

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Changes and updates to Website
24 July 2012: Pay Yourself First - a detailed budget calculator (built by JP)

24 July 2012: Saving and planning for your retirement - this page provides links (within my site) to three subject areas: Budgeting (planning how to use your income); Ways to save for your retirement; and how to use your savings in retirement.

15 June 2012: Pay Yourself First - a simple monthly budget calculator

4 June 2012: Completed a Retirement Planner Calculator - Using Your Savings in Retirement

4 June 2012: Completed a Personal Retirement Savings Calculator to supplement the KiwiSaver Calculators

3 June 2012: Completed Savings and Your Retirement page

18 March 2012: Completed additional KiwiSaver Calculators: Not Employed, Self Employed, and Existing Savers.

2 January 2012: Added a debt flipcounter that shows how fast the New Zealand’s Government’s debt is growing - click here

1 January 2012: Added a debt flipcounter that shows how fast New Zealand’s total debt is growing - click here

19 November 2011: Democrats for Social Credit (DSC): Party Political Advertising - have a look

17 November 2011: Video Links - added video TV Central interview with Katherine Ransom, DSC Tauranga Electorate Candidate 2011

12 November 2011: New Economics: Pemberton Ransom 2009 updated 2011 - A solution for the 21st Century

12 November 2011: Raf Manji of the Sustento Institute - An interview on Radio New Zealand (12 November 2011) puts the case for a new economic system (A quick 30 minute listen - Great!) - podcast

24 July 2011: Updated Icons (Katherine Ransom’s Webtoons) - some flash mouse over effects. Fixed Monetary Reform Links page - Background colours reset

3 July 2011: Started updating graph info - still work in progress as at 24 July 2011

28 May 2011: Built “Budget 2011 KiwiSaver Calculator”

28 May 2011: Made a few technical changes to “Pre Budget 2011 KiwiSaver Calculator”

28 May 2011: Made a few technical changes to original KiwiSaver Calculator

3 January 2011: Pemberton Family Reunion 2010 - some photos now available to see or download. More will be added as the holiday period continues.

3 January 2011: New Zealand’s Money Supply and Domestic Credit (Debt) information, including graphs and data table for each month - October 2007 through to October 2010.

January 2016: All links below will shortly be out of date as website will be hosted at . In the process I have changed file names to remove under-score linkages between words and have also changed abbreviations to complete words to better locate files. The links above have been updated.

2 January 2011: Completed graph and debt table for The New Zealand Government’s Month End Data - from October 2007 to October 2010

2 January 2011: Completed graphs and data for selected local councils - visit:

19 December 2010: All LTAs are now part of a table showing their past and projected Interest expense costs. Visit:

19 December 2010: Have rearranged LTA Debt Tables - now on one page:

19 December 2010: Projected Public Debt Tables for all Local Territorial Authorities completed - 2010 to 2019 (Data from LTCCPs)

18 December 2010: Public Debt Data Tables for all Local Territorial Authorities completed - 2000 to 2009

16 December 2010: Began the process of developing debt graphs & supporting data for individual Local Territorial Authorities (LTAs) ie Local Government - beginning with Hamilton City Council. Visit: Examples of LTA Debt; Data Tables; and Data Sources

12 December 2010: Website has now been up graded: de-cluttered, centred and several broken links repaired

12 December 2010: All graphs have now been updated

3 November 2010: Updated Data tables for graphs. Graphs yet to be updated.

7 May 2009: Inflation Graph - Traces a $50 dollar basket of Goods and Services from 31 December 1967 to 31 March 2009

6 May 2009: Inflation Calculator - Inflation Calculator - you can work out the effects of inflation on any value between any period from 1862 to 2009

6 May 2009: Richard C Cook - a link to his 6 part video

6 May 2009: Completed upgrade of Money Supply Graphs and comparison to Domestic Debt

5 May 2009: Completed Interest on Debt Graphs

2 May 2009: Completed Income Shortfall Graphs (The Gap)

1 May 2009: Completed upgrade of Debt Graphs

1 April 2009: Completed upgrade of Debt Graphs , Data Tables, and Data Source Links. Each graph now has a separate page - quicker downloading is the result. Main Graph page now has a debt summary. Will revisit graphs again shortly to add current data.

14 March 2009: Split the Linkgate page up into seperate pages for each category

7 March 2009: Established “Banking Alternatives” as a section of the website

26 February 2009: Developed a Family Tree Privacy Policy and Terms of Use - it may be further developed or refined over time and experience.

25 February 2009: Developed a “JP” favicon.ico - the little image before my website URL when you visit any of my webpages

17 January 2009: Updated “What is Wealth?” comic. Online Web-Magazine software has now been utilised to enable you to flip the pages

17 January 2009: Updated The Guardian Political Review site. Online Web-Magazine software has now been utilised to enable you to flip the pages

16 January 2009: Conversion calculators background colours better match new site style

16 January 2009: Repaired FAQs. Lost record of hit numbers and ratings. Counters starting afresh. New question re Global Credit Crisis.

11 January 2009: Site Style updated

11 January 2009: Repaired links to News Feeds and established separate pages for Scoop Politics, Scoop Parliament, NZ Herald Political Headlines and TVNZ Political Headlines - see links to each “news feed” on the News gateway

10 January 2009: Update Beehive news feeds from the previous Labour Government to the recently elected National Government

10 January 2009: Updated Webgate and created some subsidiary gates to create compartments for similar topics of information

24 August 2008: Podcasts - New page with audio interview files (Radio interviews)

23 August 2008: DSC Deputy Leader and Finance Spokesman - speech to DSC Conference August 2008

23 August 2008: Podcasts of weekly Plains FM 96.9 radio programme ‘Economic Democracy” hosted by Even. DSC Deputy Leader and Finance Spokesman - Part two of a two part interview is currently posted.

9 August 2008: New Link to ‘Economic Democracy’ - Podcasts of weekly Plains FM 96.9 radio programme ‘Economic Democracy” hosted by Even. DSC Deputy Leader and Finance Spokesman - Part one of a two part interview is currently posted.

3 August 2008: Debt Graphs and Money supply graphs completed. - Comments re graphs yet to be done (Although they do speak for themselves)

3 August 2008: Media Release re John Key’s money market mates

1 August 2008: Media release re Reserve Bank Governors Statement

19 July 2008: A new page called Wordgate -A dictionary, inspired by those who wanted definitions of some financial terms. But can just as easily used for your crosswords.

18 July 2008: Newsgate - A NEWS page initially aimed at keeping everyone up to date with website changes. You can set up an RSS feed so you can see the changes without having to clock into my site everyday.

18 July 2008: Mailgate - subscribe to John’s free newsletter. Main purpose is to deliver website updates, but will also be used to deliver other short messages.

14 July 2008: Set up a new improved poll - currently 4 polls running.

13 July 2008: A form to ask questions - frequently asked questions will be posted

13 July 2008: Repaired more links - like popout windows where you had no access to toolbars.

13 July 2008: Update Webgate. Kat’s Webtoons added and comic images by Frank MacFarlane, from “What is Wealth?”

13 July 2008: Replaced “E-mail this page to a friend” with “Tell a friend” - this link uses your own e-mail program. Remember, having pushed send, don’t forget to “send and receive” from your program. Try the link on my “Webgate”

11 July 2008: Guestbook

10 July 2008: Money supply tables and graphs

09 July 2008: Work in progress vitually finished - several debt graphs

08 July 2008: Insert Graph into Debt & Data page - work in progress more to come

08 July 2008: Fix RSS News feeds links - located on RSS page

07 July 2008: Democrats/Social Credit page has an online view of their web site

07 July 2008: Tidy up links and menu structure

05 July 2008: Major site overhaul including a new Gateway to enter the site. Please let me know of any bugs in the site eg. links that do not work or are miss directed - it was done in a rush at all hours of the night.

23 May 2008: Media Releases 2008 added to Media Releases Page

27 April 2008: Flash arrows to highlight average debt per person - Debt and Other Data page

25 April 2008: Monetary Justice Blog relocated (John Pemberton’s Blog)

22 April 2008: Added Katherine Ransom’s Blog to My Favourite Links

30 March 2008: Update New Zealand debt data - Debt & Other Data

25 January 2008:See how to make a donation to DSC election campaign

25 January 2008: Tidied up drop down menus

13 January 2008: Links to JP Publications - Purchase Monetary Reform info

6 January 2008: Updated Photo and Flash Photo Pages

3 January 2008: A new resource link added to Money Supply page - “Banking in New Zealand” by the New Zealand Banking Association

21 December 2007: Beehive NEWS - links to selected speeches & media releases from New Zealand Government Ministers.

12 December 2007: Democrats/Social Credit & My Favourite Links - a link to “What is Wealth?” comic

24 November 2007: Personal Page & My Favourite Links - a link to Katherine Ransom’s new website (Under development)

17 November 2007: A page with link to “The Guardian Political Review”

17 November 2007: Your Weather Page

20 September 2007: Debt figures updated

27 August 2007: Introductory speech to “Money as Debt” DVD - Hamilton Citizens & Ratepayers Association

17 August 2007: Tidy up Democrats/Social Credit Page

17 August 2007: Update Debt & Other Data links

31 July 2007: “Money as Debt” - Money as Debt video link repaired

27 July 2007: Media Release List - “You are a good economy, but I’m going to smack you anyway”

20 July 2007: Submissions-DSC - Submission: Inquiry into monetary policy framework

5 July 2007: Speeches - Speech to DSC Conference July 2007

5 July 2007: Binary Economics - A new link on My Favourite Links Page

3 July 2007: New link buttons added to Family Tree Page

3 July 2007: Surnames in Family Tree - A new page

1 July 2007: Credit Union KiwiSaver - example of earnings as per New Zealand Herald “KiwiSaver - Your Options”

30 June 2007: Media Releases Page - National Business Review Article re DSC’s Submission into housing affordability.

30 June 2007: Local Authority Statistics - March 2007

30 June 2007: GDP - March 2007 data

30 June 2007: My favourite links: - experimental search interface

30 June 2007: Balance of Payments - March 2007 data

30 June 2007: Index page for web site changes added

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